The Learners' Suite's syllabus is designed personally by our Founder, Dr. Chong Chee Leong. Each composition comes with an unique 'word bank', comprising words and phrases which can be easily constructed into sentences and used in other compositions. An example of a word bank can be seen here:

Word Bank:

1. in full stride
2. get it at all cost
3. frantically gesticulating
4. make head or tail of
5. writhing in pain
6. no laughing matter
7. at sixes and sevens
8. bewilderment
9. making a mountain out of molehill
10. astounded
11. opportunity knocks but once
12. as pleased as Punch
13. as silly as a sheep

The words and phrases in the 'word bank' can then applied to any Situational or Continuous Writing essay. Here is an example of a level 2 essay that utilises the entire word bank. The words and phrases from the word bank are highlighted in bold.

"The Con Job"

Mrs Lim was in full stride as she marched towards the meat seller. She smiled gleefully as she fixed her eyes from afar on the fresh piece of meat that was hanging on the hook. She was intent to get it at all cost. In her mind, she could only think about the wonderful meal she was going to serve her family that evening.

Suddenly, she felt a bump and heard a groan. She looked around and was surprised to see a man lying on the ground, winded and frantically gesticulating. She could not make head or tail of his outburst. It took her a while to figure out that the man was accusing her of knocking him down. As she went forward to help him to his feet, he clutched his stomach and started writhing in pain. His howling grew in intensity and it seemed that he was going into a state of shock. It was no laughing matter. Mrs Lim was at sixes and sevens and could only look on in bewilderment.

A bespectacled man who was in the crowd stepped forward to examine the man. After much scrutiny, he claimed aloud that the man was seriously injured and not making a mountain of a molehill. He drew a stone form his pocket and ran it across the man's body. Almost immediately, the man stopped making the gargling noises and was miraculously healed.

Mrs Lim was astounded by the remarkable recovery and seeing was believing. She earnestly pleaded with the man to let her have the stone. To her, opportunity knocks but once and she had to have the stone at all cost. After much persuasion, the man was finally moved by Mrs Lim's sincerity and decided to sell her the stone to appease her. Mrs Lim was ecstatic and did not hesitate to draw money from the cash teller for payment. She handed the money to the man and was as pleased as Punch.

Later that evening, Mrs Lim met her sister and told her about the miracle stone. Her sister laughed at her and told her that she had been a victim of a confidence trickster. Mrs Lim's money was gone and she felt as silly as a sheep.